The Intelligent STEM Education Robot for Everyone

A responsive learning companion
ChatGPT Integration

A responsive learning companion

Transforming STEM Education through Real-Time Engagement, Making Robotics and AI More Accessible and Exciting for All.

Featuring A Comprehensive Curriculum
  • A Responsive Learning Experience

    The Stemlabkit R1 features advanced AI like ChatGPT. It
    engages in deep chats or light-hearted talk. Imagine discussing topics with Einstein or seeking advice from Cleopatra. Fancy history with Lincoln? Or writing tips from Shakespeare? The R1 is your go-to!

  • A Fusion of Programming & Design

    The R1 features an Arduino-powered movement system that responds to your voice by turning to look at you when you speak to it, creating a more natural and immersive interaction. With Arduino, you can take the R1 even further by adding sensors and other interfaces to create the ultimate robotic companion.

  • A Complete Educational Curriculum

    The R1 offers a comprehensive STEM curriculum, guiding
    beginners to advanced coders. Whether you're building your first robot or customizing its functions, R1 ensures success. Dive deep into robotics; with R1, you're never alone.

  • Assemble Your R1!

  • A FULL Curriculum!

  • Leading-Edge Learning Excellence!

  • ChatGPT Integration!

Comparing the r1 against the furhat robot

The r1 Furhat Basic Furhat Standard Furhat Premium
Full STEM Curriculum
Number of Faces
Number of Voices
Discover the transformative power of the R1 Robot, your ultimate companion in STEM education. Join us in redefining the boundaries of educational technology!

Watch the R1 Assembly video:

  • R1 Robot Kit
  • R1 Robot Kit
  • R1 Robot Kit
  • R1 Robot Kit
  • R1 Robot Kit
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Find the most frequently asked questions below.

Everything! From assembly to advanced modification, the R1’s included curriculum offers three different levels of instruction; Starter, Intermediate and Advanced, each guiding students through every modifiable aspect of the robot, depending on how deep they want to go.

The R1 features ChatGPT integration, providing students with hands on experience in using the most cutting-edge AI available.

The R1 is suitable for ages 13 and up. Younger users should be supervised by an adult, especially during assembly and if/when working with the source code.

No. Once the R1 is purchased, you receive the complete curriculum, robot kit and all related Stemlabkit software.

Yes! By following along with the curriculum, students learn to easily change the appearance and personality. Whether they are working with the source code, or opting for a simpler no code approach, they can upload new pictures and draft different personalities as often as desired. In addition to this, students may also change the voice to suit their preferences.

As of the time of this writing, the external technologies integrated into the kit, such as OpenAI (for ChatGPT integration) and Microsoft Azure (for speech functionality), offer free tiers allowing students to explore without additional costs. However, students wishing to engage more deeply with the R1 may choose to subscribe to the paid tiers of these services, and any related costs would be transactions directly with OpenAI and Microsoft.

Yes! The R1’s curriculum offers a starter mode designed to allow students to set the robot up and get it running without having to do any coding at all!

Absolutely! While the R1 is a STEM education robot, it is also an extremely high tech social companion robot. The R1 can provide endless interactivity and is perfectly suited for a lifelong learner or someone who wants an affordable and immersive companion robot that does not cost thousands of dollars.

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